Welcome to my Board!

This blog started out as a real whiteboard in my cubicle at work. I started it as a way to create some fun in a team that seemed very uptight, in a work environment that was unfriendly to them. Little by little, as everyone started to lighten up, it became a way for me to connect with my peers…and eventually with my family…on a humorous level. It became our place to un-stress, regroup, and get creative with words…and life in general.

I love word play, and the themed pun pictures (hereafter called PUNctures) started with a Roman Tick drawing I made. For me, PUNS represent a deeper part of our existence…Finding the Extraordinary and Humorous in the most ordinary of things.

Try treating People the same way, and Life becomes so much richer!

So, here we are, a year later after that Roman Tick, and we’re still at it. This is my place to showcase past drawings…as well as get your suggestions of words that could be turned into PUNctures.

I love what my friends have inspired and challenged me to draw. Come…be my friend…and challenge me with a word or phrase to draw! (Only Clean stuff, folks! No crudeness or vulgarity. i want this to be fun for my kids to see as well.)

I look forward to meeting you at my Board of Work!

–Omar A.

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